There are a couple of projects that people have been asking about on Lindero Canyon Road near Triunfo Canyon Road. Here’s an update on both of them.

So, what’s up with the bridge work where Lindero Canyon meets Triunfo?

The bridge is being repainted on the underside. But, since the paint being removed contained lead, and there’s a stream underneath it, it has to be done carefully. The water underneath is under the watchful eyes of the Regional Water Quality Control Board and Fish & Game department … and they definitely don’t want lead in the watershed.

The good news is that there is no lead in the new paint. Lead based paints were outlawed long ago.

But, to remove the old paint, the underside is totally contained (enclosed), so that workers in environmental suits can sandblast it to remove the paint without the remnants going into the environment.

The project was originally slated to be a six month project, and but is now expected to be completed in the next week. (It went a lot faster than expected). It’s considered maintenance, and once completed you aren’t likely to notice a difference because it’s on the underside … except that all the traffic barriers and such will be moved.

The city won’t need to do this again for several more years. It’s inspected annually.

What’s up with all the new planters on Lindero at Ridgeford?

Having nothing to do with the bridge work half a block a way, there’s a bunch of activity on the other side of the street … on Lindero Canyon Road between Summershore and Ridgeford Drive.

Here, there’s a lot more that’s going on than meets the eye. For years, the cliff face of exposed rock has been slowly eroding away, and causing drainage and other issues below it.

The city has had a contractor building a series of drain pipes and planters, all designed to match the existing rock work at the entrance of Ridgeford Drive. The masonry work is now completed.

The next, and probably more significant piece still to come is that the rock face will be hydroseeding (the equivalent of a tanker truck will come out and spray it). The spray is consists seed, fertilizer, and a binder (to make it stick). So, wherever the mixture finds a suitable surface, something will grow there — and the city expects that a decent percentage of it will grow.

The mixture will have a combination of perennials and annuals … so there will be some color to it. It will be a pretty hearty mix so that it will survive well.

At the bottom, there will be a series of large 48″ box trees along the entire area. These will be planted both inside, and around the walls.

To keep everything watered, there will be drop irrigation at the bottom, and conventional irrigation coming off the top.