A quick update on the City Council Candidate Debate presented by Westlake Revelations and the Oak Forest HOA.

The event will be held at Oak Forest (on Triunfo near Lindero) in the Oak Forest Estates Clubhouse, on:

Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 7pm

All four candidates have confirmed that they will attend. You can read their candidate statements by clicking here.

The structure of the debate will be as follows:

  • candidates will be randomly ordered for statements, and on a rotating order for questions
  • each candidate will have an opening and a closing statement
  • Westlake Revelations will gather questions/topics from the community as the basis for moderator questions
  • audience participants will be able ask questions

Obviously, we’ll be moderating the debate to avoid inappropriate conflict, to keep it interesting and within time limits, and avoid duplication of topics/questions.

Over the next month or so, think about what questions you would like to be asked, and send them in. Questions will remain confidential, including the source, and if representative/appropriate, we’ll look to include them as part of the debate.

To submit a question, simply submit a question on the Westlake Revelations web site or send an email.