On November 6, 2007, residents will be voting for two open seats on the Westlake Village City Council, and 2 open seats on the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) Board of Education. The filing periods for candidates for these positions closed yesterday, and below are the candidates running for these positions, listed alphabetically.

Westlake Village City Council:

Theodore Corwin, Physician
Ned Davis, Executive
Carol Kirschbaum, Retired Risk Manager
Philippa Klessig, Mayor Pro Tem (incumbent)

Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education:

Terilyn Finders, School Board Member, (incumbent)
Jill Gaines, Business Manager
Dana Greenspan, School Office Manager

Full Candidate Statements

Candidates running for a position can file an official “Candidate Statement” as part of their application. In the case of Westlake Village, this is filed with the City of Westlake Village. In the case of LVUSD, this is filed with the County of Los Angeles.

These Candidate Statements are included in the Official Sample Ballot booklet that the county distributes prior to the election. This information, however, becomes public information when the filing period closes for these positions.

Most candidates have submitted statements with the City or County, and below are those statements, or ones that the candidates provided to me directly. These are the candidates’ words … not those of Westlake Revelations.

Westlake Village City Council

Theodore Corwin, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon

For 30 years I have owned a home and a medical practice in Westlake Village. My children, ages 14 and 18, have attended White Oak Elementary, Lindero Canyon Middle School and Agoura High School. My family has benefitted from living in this wonderful city and it is time to give back to my community.

If elected to the city council, I would promote the building of a community center, a gathering place for concerts, activities, and events of community interest. I’d advocate better access to technology in our schools, better cell phone reception, and improved lighting of streets.

I would foster a community wellness initiative that would include an increase in walking, hiking and biking trails, activities that encourage healthy living, a return of the Farmer’s Market, and improved emergency medical response services. I believe residents of all ages would benefit from park improvements, the acquisition of open space, and more access to recreational programs.

Since community programs are funded by our local businesses which provide our strong economic base, I would encourage cooperation with the business sector by continuing to be a business friendly city, but maintain community input.

Ned E. Davis
CEO/Management Executive

Keep the “village” in Westlake Village. Vote Ned E. Davis for City Council.

Helen (married 1981) and I moved to Westlake Village 1993. We are raising 3 children ages 13, 15, 17. Since 2004, I have been on the Las Virgenes Education Foundation Board and serve on LVUSD Technology Vision, and Measure E Oversight Committees. Since 2002, I have served on Westlake Village Cultural Recreation Advisory Committee, and since 1998 on Westlake Trails HOA Board, serving 8 years on the Architectural Committee and President for the past 6 years.

As President and CEO of Azure Blues, Inc. (est,. 1990) I am a professional management consultant to entertainment and service corporations. Utilizing my UCLA BA (1980) and Pepperdine MBA (1998), my focus is Human Resources & Benefits, IT Management and Corporate Workflow Systems for companies with 2 to 150 employees.

Every piece of Westlake Village land is precious. We must manage resources well to keep our friendly open-country feeling as well as maintaining property values. I ask for your vote to add my leadership, experience, and common sense approach as your voice on the City Council to enhance the well-balanced, safe community our friends and neighbors championed over the past 40 years.

Carol Kirschbaum
Retired Risk Manager

Why I am running?

I seek to unify our community around the goal of preserving Westlake as a village. We need to safeguard Westlake Village from over- development, excessive traffic, and projects that destroy our quality of life. Our current planning process has resulted in projects that do not compliment our small village community.

Let’s unite around a better planning process. Let’s obtain better results by involving greater expertise and community involvement in planning developments that enhance the character of our city!

My Experience

I retired as the risk manager for a publicly held engineering/ architectural firm with 27 subsidiaries. I implemented risk management strategies involving insurance, negotiation, litigation review and dispute resolution.

My husband and I have been involved residents of Westlake Village for 20 years. I have been active in the community —

Westlake Village POA, Vice-President, Board Liaison to the Architectural Committee. I led the design and development of our new guardhouse, landscaping and lighting project.

WLMA, Executive Board and Chairperson, Rules and Regulations Committee.

Board of Create-a-Smile, Animal Assisted Therapy; WLV Grants Program Committee; Vice-President, Angel’s Board of Directors, Casa Pacifica; WLV Women’s Club.

Please support me with your vote!

Philippa Klessig, (incumbent)

Throughout my first term in office, I am proud that my leadership style and strong community involvement have benefited Westlake Village and its citizens. My guidance has played a role in helping the city realize major streetscape enhancements, reduced fiscal debt, more family events, new services such as E-waste pickup and Sunday library hours, increased support of our public schools, better communications with our residents along with a growing sense of community.

Together we have accomplished a lot and together we have more to do. I am asking for your vote and support for the next four years.

Listening to and looking forward with you has helped me shape the following priorities:

* Keeping a lid on traffic
* Expanded park development
* Increasing bicycle and pedestrian safety
* More recreational opportunities for our youth
* Continued enhancement of all of our roadways
* Keeping our home values strong
* Fostering cooperation between our neighboring cities to strengthen our greater community

Serving as your elected councilmember has truly been rewarding, and I welcome the opportunity to serve you again.

LVUSD Board of Education

Terilyn Finders
School Board Member

As we face the demands of the 21st century – from technology-driven lifestyles and careers, to environmental and cultural concerns – we all recognize that investing in our youngest citizens today is our country’s greatest hope for tomorrow.

True democracy stands on excellent public education; informed, capable, contributing citizens are cultivated through the strongest possible education, and I believe that the strongest possible education is a product of great partnerships between the full community — parents, business and political leaders — and schools.

I am most proud of these partnership accomplishments:

Local Partners: Helped create and secure the first-ever plan whereby our four cities can contribute support to a single district focus — technology. With the cities’ support, the District will deliver staffing support ensuring optimal impact for our technology investments.

Partners in Sacramento: The Governor signed into law legislation that I helped create establishing the Autism Information and Training Center, ensuring the state supports schools in delivering services to the growing population of children with autism.

There is more to do, and I am willing to do it. I ask for your support so I can continue working for our children — our future.

Thank you.

Jill Gaines
Business Manager

I graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Child Study. After working as a special education teacher in Boston, I moved to California and earned an MBA from UCLAâ??s Anderson Graduate School of Management. Since that time, I have worked in the private sector as a bank Vice President and CFO.

Over the past decade, I have been an active parent volunteer in our schools. I served as PFC President at Chaparral Elementary, Treasurer of the Las Virgenes Education Foundation, Vice President of Music Boosters at Calabasas High, and Co-Chair of the successful Measure G school bond campaign.

I bring an extensive knowledge in both the areas of education and finance. I believe we are at a crossroads with the many changes taking place within our District. We have the opportunity to look forward, take action, and provide even greater opportunities to our students.

I will work towards better communications and bridging the gap among our cities, schools, parents and teachers. As a School Board Member, I will look beyond the traditional framework and work proactively towards making positive and innovative changes for our students. I ask for your support.

Thank you.

Jill Gaines

Dana Greenspan
Office Manager

As a board member, I will insist that Las Virgenes Unified School District be fiscally accountable while adopting better strategic thinking / planning. My priorities: We must establish a sound budget and think clearly about budget priorities.

We must establish a pay schedule competitive with neighboring districts. We have difficulty attracting quality teachers and support staff, and have lost counselors to surrounding districts who pay more. We cannot offer excellence in education without our excellent teachers and support staff.

We must implement new technology more rapidly to improve student learning; improve communication with parents through real time access to assignments, grades, and attendance; help teachers analyze teaching strategies; and better utilize teacher and staff time.


* LVUSD employee since 1994.
* 2006 LVUSD Classified Employee of the Year.
* 2006 Edward L. Masry Integrity Award recipient.
* Two sons attended LVUSD schools.
* PFC Treasurer / Room Parent.
* LVCA Board / Bargaining Team Member since 2005.
* Specialized training in school budget analysis.
* Twenty years finance experience: Business Manager, Los Angeles Magazine, and controller, real estate development companies.