It’s the time of year for the city council to vote for a new mayor. As covered in earlier Westlake Revelations articles, the residents elect the city council for four year terms. The city council, in turn, once a year elects a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. This past week, a new Mayor was selected.

The outgoing mayor, Robert Slavin, made a number of comments wrapping up his year as mayor. The council elected Mark Rutherford as the new Mayor, and Ned Davis as the Mayor Pro Tem. Mayor Rutherford has served in this role twice previously. For Mayor Pro Tem Davis, this is his first time in the position. Judge Larry Myra swore in the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Judge Myra has honored the city in this role for the past 23 years.

For more information on the responsibility of the mayor and the selection process and history, see the prior Westlake Revelations article at