Las Virgenes Unified School District tonight had its annual reorganization meeting where it not only welcomed two new and one re-elected board members, but also named its new board president. Dr. Dan Stepenosky swore in the two new board members — Dallas Lawrence and Angela Cutbill — as well as re-elected member Lesli Stein. LVUSD’s new board has elected new officers: Jill Gaines as the new board president, Cindy Iser as the new vice president and Lesli Stein as the new board clerk.

Additional Details

As a point of interest, the oath is one for all California elected’s … and includes the text when swearing to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Two outgoing board members — Dave Moorman and Gordon Whitehead — were recognized by the City of Calabasas, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, California School Boards Association, Fran Pavley’s office, Julia Brownley’s office, City of Hidden Hills, Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff Station, City of Agoura Hills, and the City of Westlake Village. Additional commendations for other notables. Superintendent Stepenosky read tear worthy comments from Dave Moorman’s son, Ryan Moorman. And, additional comments from the principals, administrative staff, new and fellow board members from the District. Also comments of appreciation, and welcome, from Las Virgenes Educators Association.

Finally, the District gave lifetime passes to all performances at the Las Virgenes School District’s Performing Arts and Education Centers (PAECs). Outgoing members Whitehead and Moorman made comments of thanks to his family, and wished well to the new board members. Following that, outgoing board president Lesli Stein made comments as her one year term as Board president concludes (she’ll now will be Board member and clerk for the next year). Board Vice President Jill Gaines thanked Lesli Stein for her service as president.

Finally, Lesli Stein (in her final act as Board president), “pinned” new board members Angela Cutbill and Dallas Lawrence. The new board then voted for its new officers. And, new board president Jill Gaines made a few comments about the next year.