The annual Geminid’s shower is tonight and tomorrow night (Thurs and Fri nights, Dec 13th and 14th). As a general rule, the Geminids or the August Perseids are give the most prolific meteor displays of the year. You can see some of the meteors as darkness falls, and they become more more visible by 10pm, and peak around 2am.

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To see them, look eastward as it becomes dark. If you don’t know which way is east, look in the opposite direction of the “waxing crescent” moon. Gradually, the shower will move overhead and then ultimately disappear by dawn toward the west-northwest.

The meteors can appear at a rate of one or two per minute, although that depends on how clear it is, and how much light noise you are encountering. (Light noise makes it difficult to see the fainter meteors.) That said, the Geminids are quite visible even in suburban locations.

Remember, with lows in 30’s, make sure to dress warm if you go out to see them. The best way is to head out with a lawn blanket, sleeping bag, or reclining chair, stare up at the sky and let your eyes acclimate to the darkness.

You can see more information by doing a quick Google search on Geminids:

or at the Griffith Observatory’s Sky Report: