Good evening,

At this point (approximately 10pm), all but approximately 100 provisional or late submitted absentee votes have been counted.

For Westlake Village City Council, the winners we can now project as:

Ned Davis
Philippa Klessig.

The current counts (not yet complete) are:

Top 2 vote getters are elected:
Ned Davis: 1131
Philippa Klessig: 838
Carol Kirschbaum: 747
Ted Corwin: 542

For both the school board results, Westlake Village is not necessarily an indicator and therefore, we cannot project the results at this time. That said, the current vote counts for ONLY Westlake Village are:

Top 2 vote getters are elected:
Terilyn Finders: 1002
Dana Greenspan: 884
Jill Gaines: 757

Measure E (2/3 vote required to pass)
Yes: 1370 (76%)
No: 432

For Agoura, the city council race has only the absentee ballots counted at this time. Those are:

As Of Date:
11/06/2007 Time: 21:59 Votes Percent

Agoura Hills City Council
Top 2 vote getters are elected.
Vote For No More Than 2

John M Edelston 459 33.65
Dan Kuperberg 432 31.67
Michael E Forney 255 18.70
George C Thomas 218 15.98