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Lot C: Opus Deal Closed, Upcoming Meeting

Synopsis About 6 weeks ago, I wrote about the Opus deal to buy Lot C (the property that Lowe’s wanted to build on) is now closed. Opus has built-in, contractual rights to the property. So long as they follow the rules,...

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Clearing up Rumors on So. Cal Edison Rate Changes

I thought we’d try something a little different with Westlake Revelations, and learn something more about what we were all complaining about a few months back … and likely will be again this coming summer. Rest...

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Lot C Update: Deal in Progress

“Lot C” is the name of the undeveloped lot that Lowe’s wanted to build on, and was at the center of the issue on Measure Z last November. Lowe’s indicated that if Measure Z did not pass, they would sell...

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