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Westlake Village’s “New” Mayor

Just a quick update on the mayoral selection process we wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Last night, the city council chose Westlake Village’s new mayor and mayor pro-tem. This took place during the “Annual...

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Measure Z Results – Final Results

Today, the county has issued the final ballot update and results. Yes: 1,720 (44%) No: 2,199 (56%) 3,919 of the 5,644 registered voters voted (69% voter turn out). The vote was decided with a 479 vote difference. For those 1,725...

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How Does Westlake Village Choose Its Mayor?

One of the more common questions right now is about the upcoming mayoral selection in Westlake Village, and how some of the roles work in the city. The mayor position will be voted on at the next city council meeting, Dec 6th....

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Measure Z Results – Results

Good morning, As the precincts reported in, the margins were thin. But, ultimately began to separate as the last were counted. While the results are not yet certified, 100% of the precincts have now reported. The vote results...

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Measure Z Results – Early Results

Hello all, Since I’ve been asked many times tonight already “is there any news?” … I thought I would give you an update. There are hundreds of you on my list already, but if you are receiving this note on...

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