At a study session this week, the City of Westlake Village voted to engage ThirdWave to create an IT Strategic Plan. Study sessions are not video recorded, so the meeting is not available to view. The $51,353 contract covers ThirdWave doing both an “internal” and “external” plan.

It is anticipated that the “internal” plan will focus on the City’s business practices, use of technology in daily workflow, and would outline a series of recommendations for potential improvements of those processes to enhance the City’s productivity and operations. The “external plan” is proposed to carefully consider and analyze strategies that could assist the City, residents, and businesses in the expansion and use of technology and infrastructure improvements.

The internal plan is expected to go quickly given the City has recently upgraded it’s internal systems. The external plan will gather input from three focus groups, and an online survey. More detail at

The result will be two documents: a draft strategy document, and an implementation plan including a 3 to 5 year roadmap of phased and prioritized technology initiatives for the City to consider along with an approximate budget for the proposed initiatives identified in the plan.