In case anyone is wondering, when a large group of constituents speaks up, it matters. It really does.

How do we know? We’ve already heard from at least one congressional staff member that local residents inundated his inbox on Saturday about the EPA’s proposed standards, and the expected tripling of sewer rates. In fact, this congressional staff member actually tried to get us to stop. That’s how we know it matters.

To be truly effective, every Westlake Revelations reader should speak up and send an email. If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you contact your local State and Federal representatives, of feel free to get a head start using one of these two links:

I support the new standards

I am against the new standards

Outlook users may need to change the commas separating email addresses in the cc to semi-colons.

We suggest you add your name, and edit the text as you see fit to represent your position.

Westlake Revelations is bcc’d on the message. Feel free to remove, but it gives us an idea of how many people are writing in.