This morning, two people (a man in his 40’s and a younger unidentified woman) were arrested at a house in Three Springs on suspicion of drug possession and dealing, as well as allegedly presenting false ID. Both were taken away in handcuffs by deputies. In addition to the two people arrested, LA County Sheriff (who responded with a number of deputies and vehicles) removed a number of weapons reportedly including shotguns, rifles and handguns.

The Sheriff has reportedly had the house under observation for some time, but this morning Sheriff deputies responded to a call about a woman screaming. After tracking the screams to the house the suspects were living in, they approached the house and investigated. The arrests and confiscations followed. The Sheriff’s narcotics team is now apparently taking over the investigation.

The Sheriff would like to remind everyone that the most effective way for residents to help law enforcement to solve and prevent crimes is through reporting. Very often, the difference between crimes getting solved, and those that are not, is solid reporting from the community.

To be more explicit, the Sheriff encourages residents to call with reports of suspicious vehicles including descriptions and license plate numbers. The more details, the better. The reporting can be done by calling the Lost Hills Sheriff Station at 818-878-1808, or by using the anonymous tip submission at