Most of the numbers given to date about the cost of implementing the EPA’s new water quality standards have been focused soley on the one time costs, or financing of those capital costs. But the new standards also cost more to operate and manage, and until now, those costs have not been translated into impacts per household.

More details, and how you can express your support or opposition. Read on.

The average residential customer currently pays $108.56 bi-monthly (every two months) for sanitation services. This is in addition to their water costs which make up the balance of the bill residents receive from LVMWD. To pay for both financed capital costs, as well as monthly operational costs, to implement the EPA’s new standards, residents would pay an *additional* $181.56 every other month. In other words, the current $108.56 would increase to about $290 (plus the water portion of the bill), or 2.7x the current level.

Last week, the U.S. EPA said it will extend the implementation of new water quality standards (TMDLs) for Malibu Creek and Lagoon to July 2, “to allow further discussion of the proposed terms of these TMDLs with stakeholders and to address public comments on the proposed TMDLs.” The EPA’s new TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads) had been scheduled to be established on May 23. LVMWD is already working through the legal system to address the issue.

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