This year’s national election is full of fact or reality checks from a variety of news outlets. Westlake Revelations is doing the same locally. This article is in a series of “Election Reality Check” pieces about the election for Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. The statements chosen are based on comments the candidates have made to Westlake Revelations about the other candidate, as well as reader questions. The most relevant and frequently asked questions have priority.

Polan says Bowman “held the meetings even earlier, making them even more inaccessible”
Reality Check: At best, incomplete. In reality, somewhat misleading.

In a recent Westlake Revelations interview, Candidate Len Polan said about Incumbent Joe Bowman: “Currently, the meetings are held at 5pm on work days that make attendance inaccessible for many. The current representative for Westlake Village held the meetings even earlier, making them even more inaccessible.”

This is technically true, but at best, it’s incomplete and somewhat misleading.

LVMWD Board Meetings used to be held at 4pm. While Joe Bowman was president of the Board, he requested that the meeting times be moved one hour later to be at 5pm, and the Board agreed. Resolution 1-07-2364 changed board meeting times from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m. and was adopted on January 23, 2007.

Polan’s point about the meetings being held during the work day (even at 5pm) continues to hold true, but Bowman did indeed make them a little bit more accessible for some.