Tonight, after a nearly 6 hour City Council meeting that began with an impressively comprehensive and informative presentation by the City’s Planning Director Scott Wolfe, followed by a great deal of detail on architecture, planting and design by Selleck and his consultants, and a very long stream of public speakers both for and against the project, the City Council voted on the proposed project for Lot C. As noted earlier, Councilman Slavin recused himself on this issue.

[Ed. Note: What was particularly noticeable during the large quantity of speakers was not only their eloquence, but the incredibly civil and constructive tone of the speakers — pro and con. It was something the Council commented on as well. It was very Westlake Village.]

While a number of issues were discussed, and deliberated, and the City even added a number of additional conditions to the proposed agreement on the fly, one of the most discussed issues brought up in public comment, and elaborated on by Councilman Davis, was the red Target “bullseye” logo on the freeway side of the Target building. Target was adamant that this and one other logo were the last pieces of their brand remaining in the development — and asking them to change it was the equivalent of asking them to change their brand. Ultimately, Mr. Selleck proposed that they continue to work on alternatives and concepts that make everyone happy including different materials, lighting treatments, possibly colors and such. Language was added to the proposal so that Target, Selleck and the City could continue to look at ways to refine this to everyone’s satisfaction.

In the end, after one of the longest readings of a motion in City history by Councilman Rutherford, and seconded by Councilperson Klessig, the City Council voted unanimously on the package of seven resolutions, and the project has been approved.