There’s a great deal of confusion as to what is considered recyclable and what is not. Westlake Revelations reader Beth Fiance helped get to the bottom of this and the following information was provided to us by Waste Management. (The answers should be similar for all providers in the area.) If you have additional questions, contact your provider.

Recyclable Materials
Newspaper Paper – All colors (staples in paper okay)
Shredded Paper (put in plastic bag and tie securely)
Paper Grocery Bags
Envelopes (windows okay)
Junk Mail
Phone Books
File Folders
Books (paperback and hard cover okay)

Cardboard: (Fatten for more recycling)
Shipping Boxes
Cereal & Food Boxes
Clean Pizza Boxes (no wax coating and or food waste)

Coat Hangers okay

Glass: (lids & labels okay, no need to rinse)
Bottles & Jars- Green, Brown, Clear

Aluminum & Tin Cans: (labels okay)
Beverage Cans
Vegetable & Soup Cans
Aluminum Foil (must be clean, no food)
Aluminum Food Trays

Bottles, Jars, Jugs, Tubs (look for recycling logo on bottom labeled #1 – #7, no need to rinse)
Grocery Bags
Ziplock bags (clean, no food)
Coat Hangers
VHS Tape
CD?s, CD Jackets
Plastic Toys

Food Waste
Fruit Liquids
Restaurant Grease/Oil
Paper Towels
Plastic Food Wrapping
Milk & Juice Cartons
Juice Boxes
Chip Bags
Candy Wrappers
Peanut Packaging
Bubble Wrap Packaging
Plastic Cups, Lids & Straws
Used Plastic Utensils
Used Paper Plates & Cups
Window Pane Glass/Mirrors
Plastic 3-Ring Binders
Laminated Paper
Electronic Waste (computers, monitors, lap tops)
Hazardous Waste (paint, automotive oil, batteries, solvents)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Yard Waste (grass clippings, branches, leaves)
Animal Waste

Recycling Tip: Any wax-coated material is NOT recyclable

Green Waste: Do not bag green waste
Wood chips
Tree branches
Yard trimmings
Untreated wood

Tree stumps
Palm fronds
Yucca, Ice plant, Ivy
Soil, dirt, rocks
Concrete, asphalt
Painted & treated wood
Animal & food waste

Trash (Regular household waste)
Do not place rocks, concrete, dirt, recyclables, green waste, hazardous waste, or electronic waste in your container.

Electronic, Sharps, or Hazardous Waste
Fluorescent tubes and bulbs, electronics (computers, cell phones, TVs etc.), rechargeable batteries, and hazardous products (cleaners, solvents, etc.) do not go in the recycling or trash containers.