Westlake Revelations readers have been telling us that we should remind people to vote for Westlake Revelations in the CBS LA’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011. (See https://westlakerevelations.com/?q=node/334).

We’re going to start reminding people, but we’re going to do it in a way that you can easily ignore. You’ll get an email that the subject line says “Vote Reminder” and there will be nothing other than the link in the email. That way, people can delete the messages without thinking that they are missing something if they don’t want to vote.

There’s no progress reports on voting from CBS, so how the voting is going is unknown until it’s over.

Both these links work to vote with one-click. Feel free to use either one, and you can vote every day until Sep 9.



If you think this is a bad idea, drop a line — we’re just trying to strike a balance.

– Neil Ticktin
Founder, Westlake Revelations