A 7th grade Lindero Canyon Middle School student and Agoura Hills resident was in a bicycle accident today at the corner of Bowman Knoll and Three Springs Drive today. While expected to have only minor injuries and fully recover, the boy was airlifted to UCLA’s Trauma Center as a precautionary measure. The boy’s father made it to the scene in time to ride in the helicopter with his son.

The boy, whose identity is not yet being officially released, was riding a friend’s bicycle known to not have working brakes down Bowman Knoll (a fairly steep hill in Three Springs), and ran into the side of SUV driving up Three Springs Drive. Reportedly, he ran the stop sign and “T-boned” the car. The boy was wearing a appropriately fitted helmet which was properly secured which was instrumental in keeping his injuries to a minimum. The car was significantly damaged, including a broken window and other damage. The bicycle was significantly damaged as well.

The Sheriff Deputies on scene would like to remind everyone a few things. First, bicycles need working brakes and should not be ridden without them. Second, bicycles need to obey the street laws including stopping at stop signs and lights, just like all other traffic. Finally, it is the law for minors to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.