T-Mobile has begun construction of the T-Mobile antenna serving Three Springs positioned to the side of the LVMWD building for the Westlake reservoir. Once completed, the antenna will ultimately have tree camouflage as described in the permit application to the City of Westlake Village. The tree antenna will be slightly taller than it is as of this writing as the “cap” goes on the tree.

The tree’s final shape will be relatively round, similar to the other large tree up at the LVMWD site in front of the building, but with larger leaves to provide better camouflage. It will not be “Christmas Tree” shaped. As a result, the panel antennas will be completely within the “foliage”. In other words, the branches and leaves will extend out further than the antennas. That said, if you look closely, you’ll likely be able to still see the antennas through the tree similar to the diagrams presented to the City Council at the time of application.

AT&T has already submitted plans to the city for an antenna at the site. Those plans have been approved, and are making their way through the balance of permits, details and logistics prior to installation.

No word on any other carriers.