Westlake Revelations readers have continued to do well. Westlake Village started off at a rank of about 4000. As of this writing, Westlake Village ranks 164 with 1303 votes (up from 445 rank with 346 votes two days ago).

This puts Westlake Village ahead of towns like Bakersfield and Tuscon. According to their rules, the top 6 vote getters regardless of size get Municipal prizes. After that, it’s broken down by size of city. The goal is to either for the City to win based on votes, based on raffle, or for one of you to win personally.

Remember, you can vote 10 TIMES (e.g., hit the “Cheer” button 10x in one sitting) each day. Voting ends Feb 7. Each person in your family can vote 10x per day. It’s done based on email address, not computer nor browser.

Vote using one of these links:

If Westlake Village wins, the anticipation is that it would go to the new community park when constructed. Presumably, this would take place through the Westlake Village Foundation, the organization chartered with raising money for the above ground improvements in Phase 2 of the project alongside the City of Westlake Village and the Triunfo YMCA. (Phase 1 is fully funded.)

Keep it going!