As many of you may already know from a District wide “all call,” Las Virgenes Unified School District announced on Friday that they are reinstated the last week of school previously cut by budget cuts. The extension is enabled through a one-time “federal dollars and cost-saving measures implemented by the District.”

The school year will return to it’s previously scheduled date, after the restoration of the five school days, and conclude on Thursday June 16, 2011. Those with other obligations already scheduled during the newly restored week of schedule should talk to their teachers.

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The negotiating teams from the Las Virgenes Unified School District and the Las Virgenes Educators Association are pleased to announce that they have worked collaboratively and quickly to reach an agreement that has increased the instructional days for the 2010-2011 school year. Based upon the unexpected infusion of one-time federal dollars and cost-saving measures implemented by the District last year, the negotiating teams were able to agree to restore five (5) school days to the 2010-2011 school year. As a result, the school year will conclude on Thursday, June 16, 2011.

The certificated association and the Board of Education share a commitment to maximizing the instructional days for our students. The unprecedented reductions in state funding last year forced the District to reduce the instructional year as a cost-savings measure. ?The unanticipated Federal Jobs funds which came in last month have given us the opportunity to give back what was taken from our students,? stated Superintendent Dr. Donald Zimring.

?We are both relieved and excited that we are able to restore five instructional days. The rigorous California Standards have set high expectations for both students and our members. Every minute gained by this decision will be put to excellent use in our classrooms,? stated Mr. Craig Hochhaus, LVEA Co-President.

?The fiscal uncertainty at the State level has made this a challenging environment in which to work collaboratively; however, I am proud of how the two teams came together quickly for kids. We realized that changes to the school calendar can be tough on families and staff, so we were committed to getting an agreement as quickly as possible,? stated Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Dr. Dan Stepenosky.

LVUSD Board of Education President Gordon Whitehead concluded, “The Board made restoration of lost instructional time its top priority. We are pleased that the teachers’ association was willing to work with us to reach a resolution so quickly.”