Tonight, Friday Oct 24th at there will be a Delta II rocket launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base. There’s a one second long launch window at 7:28:21 pm PDT. The rocket will rise vertically, and then head south.

Look west northwest from Westlake Village.

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For those of us who happen to be in the western portion of LA County (and points north) with a clear view of the western sky this Friday evening a couple of minutes before 7:30p, this could be a visual treat.


Brian Webb
Ventura County, California

2008 October 22 (Wednesday) 17:27 PDT


A Delta II rocket is scheduled for launch this Friday evening from Vandenberg AFB. The Delta is scheduled to lift-off from Space Launch Complex 2-West, at 19:28:21 PDT during a launch window that is one second long.

The Delta will rise vertically for a few seconds before slowly pitching over and heading south. The booster will later deliver Italy’s COSMO-3 satellite into a near-polar orbit.

After it becomes operational, COSMO-3 will provide high-resolution radar images of Earth.

Weather permitting, the launch should be visible for at least 200 miles.


Detailed information about the Delta II/COSMO-3 launch is available on the Internet at:

Click to access COSMO3_Mbook.pdf


Boeing will simulcast Friday’s launch on the World Wide Web at:

Another possible source of countdown status for the launch is the Spaceflight Now web site. Point your browser to:


On launch day, be sure to regularly hit the refresh button on your browser to see the latest information.

Boeing will broadcast the launch throughout the continental United States at:

Satellite: AMC 16 K22
Orbital Location: 85 Degrees West
36 MHz transponder
UL: 14440 MHz Vertical
DL: 12140 MHz Horizontal
Audio: Channel 1 (6.2) English and Channel 2 (6.8) Italian

The broadcast will begin at 6:15 p.m. PDT and will conclude at 9:30
p.m. PDT.

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