Hello all,

So, as Westlake Revelations passes it’s second birthday, we’ve been a bit quiet — but it’s because we’ve been busy behind the scenes.

For years now, people have been asking me to implement some type of online community for our local area, but it wasn’t appropriate for it to be part of Westlake Revelations.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought online software for the computer magazine we publish. And, as a result, we have a great solution in hand for some community forums here in Westlake Village.

These new online forums are now built, and soon, we’ll publicly launch them.

The forums cover a number of areas including:

– Deals and offers
– Restaurants, Food & Recipes
– Local Sports
– Schools and Family Related
– Service Companies
– Healthcare Professionals
– Health and Fitness
– Real Estate Topics
– Photo Gallery
– Local Government
– State, Federal & International Issues
– Religion

and in addition, we have discussion areas for each of the neighborhoods/HOAs and more.

What we need now are “moderators” for each area. People that are knowledgeable about topics, and help keep the discussions civil. It’s not hard, and if there’s ever really a problem, the moderator can escalate it to us to handle. There will likely be more than one moderator per forum, and it’s not at all difficult to be a moderator.

If you are interested in helping with the forums, drop me an email with your area of interest, and let’s see if there’s a good fit.

If you are part of an HOA or a neighborhood leader in any part of Westlake Village, also please drop us a note so we can tell you more about how we’re supporting your neighborhood, and making it easier for you to communicate to them.

And, as soon as the forums are ready, we’ll release them publicly.


Neil Ticktin
Westlake Revelations