There is some confusion recently about boat slip availability on Westlake Lake. Here is a complete description of boat slip availability, as confirmed again today by the Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA).

There are currently 124 people on the wait list for slips at the lake. If one were to get on the wait list today, they would likely wait 3-4 years for a spot to come available. This wait list is for the full size slips that can accommodate the electric “party” boats, as well as sail boats, that make up the vast majority of boats on the lake.

In December, 15-18 party boat slips will become available, and those will go to the people on the wait list mentioned above. The new availability is due to the rebuilding of the 700 Series dock that’s currently underway.

There are currently a few slips available today, but they are too narrow for either a party boat or most (if not all) sail boats. These slips are 5-6 feet wide and would only handle a very narrow fishing boat. According to WLMA, 99% of the people on the waiting list want the large party boat or CAT 16 & 18 boats which will not fit into these small slips.

Anyone wanting a slip needs to qualify per the eligibility requirements, and file an application along with a $200 refundable deposit. If you are interested in reserving a boat slip, contact the Westlake Lake Management Association (WLMA) at (818) 889-5377.