If someone asked you “What was the big news item of Friday, October 3rd, 2008?” you might say: Congress passed the $700 billion rescue package, or that a jury found O.J. Simpson guilty of all 12 counts in his Las Vegas armed robbery/kidnapping trial.

But, you’d be wrong.

The big news of the day is that for the first time in at least 12 years, Agoura High School beat Westlake High tonight in football. The game was played at Agoura, with a final score of 23 to 22.

Even at one point difference, the score doesn’t reflect how close the final moments were. In a final drive down the field, Westlake got within field goal range, kicked the ball centered between the uprights … only to watch it (literally) bounce back off the bottom portion of the uprights. Field goal: no good. Agoura won.

Congratulations to Agoura High School’s Chargers.