On Saturday June 8th, 10am-2pm, LVMWD will have an open house at the Westlake Filtration Plant at the Westlake Reservoir location above Three Springs neighborhood. Below is the invitation that was sent to Three Springs residents, but since the cost to create the tank affects all LVMWD customers significantly, it’s appropriate for all residents in the area to see and attend.

2/3 of the funds set aside for the water tank can be used, instead, to offset up to five years of current and future rate increases. (The other 1/3 cannot due to restrictions on the monies.) Previously, the tank was estimated to cost $6.6 million. Now that the $500,000 design process is partially complete, that price projection has increased to $8.9 million in 2014. $1.1 of that increase is due to it being 2014 to construct vs. the original 2009 estimates (e.g., inflation). The balance is due to the design — two pipes to attach instead of one, wider tank footprint, asphalt concrete paving over the access road and saddle dam crossing (which we were previously told could be avoided).

This is in addition to the filtration plant upgrade project which will also take place at the reservoir. That project was last estimated at $4.15 million and is now likely closer to $5.5-6 million if there are no design changes.

While the design phase for the 5 million gallon water tank has been approved and implemented, the bulk of the project has yet to be approved.

Residents interested in the tank project are encouraged to attend the open house, speak directly to water district personnel (and presumably elected LVMWD board members), and ask questions. There are no formal presentations, so you may go at any time. Access to the reservoir site is at 32601 Torchwood Place, via a driveway at the end of the cul-de-sac.

LVMWD flyer to Three Springs residents enclosed below.