The Las Virgenes Metropolitan Water District has voted 3 to 2 in favor of tentatively supporting the Las Virgenes Unified School District proposal to redirect educational funds from the water district to support LVUSD’s Grade 4/5 Science programs. Currently, LVMWD spends $101,000 per year supporting programs implemented with LVUSD across all grades and those programs will continue. While some of those funds are contributed directly to LVUSD, the balance are spent on LVMWD resources to implement those programs.

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Currently, the 4/5 Science programs cost LVUSD a little over $396,000 per year in total costs to implement (91% of which is the salaries for four teachers including taxes and benefits). The LVMWD board has voted to tentatively contribute an additional up to $107,000 to LVUSD for specific support of the 4/5 Science program subject to confirmation of some details (e.g., at least 27% of the curriculum in the these programs focuses on the types of issues that LVMWD has identified to educate the public on).

It’s expected that if LVMWD contributes this amount, it would be sufficient for LVUSD’s Board of Education to vote to save these programs, with LVUSD paying for the balance. Confirmation of curriculum, and LVMWD final vote will take place in the weeks to come, but last night’s tentative agreement is enough for LVUSD’s Board of Education to use as part of it’s consideration of “pink slips” at it’s May 10th meeting.