Westlake Village now has 17,583 votes and a rank of 78 (up from 11,706 votes and a rank of 91 in less than 48 hours since the last update).

It’s now after 9pm Pacific — which is when the “day” is reset to vote again. If you haven’t voted since 9pm, you can vote again. Voting ends at 8:59pm Pacific on Mon, February 7th. As a result, you can vote now, and one more time after 9pm on Sun night.

Remember, you can vote 10x each time you vote by repeatedly hitting the “Cheer!” button.

Don’t forget, post to Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media the following:

Help get $10,000 for the regional sports park/Y benefitting kids in the area.
Reader’s Digest contest. Vote 10x daily http://tiny.cc/dcgoe

Vote now using EITHER of these URLs:

Next part of the social experiment — as you see others in the area, say “Woohoo!” to them. (Hint: Those that don’t look at you crazy are the ones that voted. 🙂

Enjoy the last couple of days of voting.