In 2001, the City of Westlake Village adopted a master “Streetscape Plan” which included a variety of items including entry monuments, advance street signs, and median improvements. The second set of “arterial” improvements is currently taking place on Triunfo Canyon Road.

The new design is specifically meant to remove the “declining” trees which are either nearing end of life, or have aggressive root structures. 26 trees (primarily Ash) are being removed in favor of 126 new trees of a variety of species. The majority of the trees either need to be removed now, or will need to be removed in the near future.

A new irrigation system, new grading (to collect water rather than shed it to the street), and reduced amounts of traditional turf sod. The goal is not only less maintenance and a “more aesthetically pleasing median,” but also a decrease in water use.

See City page at:

Click to access TriunfoMedian.pdf

for full details and photographs.