A memorial service will be held for Alanna Moorman tomorrow. See https://westlakerevelations.com/?q=node/168 for more details. The Amati family, who suffered the loss of both Teresa Amati and her mother, as well as an injured (but recovering) 7th grader Alessandra Amati, have not yet returned from Italy.

There are a number of people working very hard to bring Alanna’s memorial together tomorrow. Because of the quantity of people expected, and because of the fragility of the ecosystem at King Gillette Ranch, there are a number of small things that you can do to really help.

* Carpool. There simply is not enough parking for the number of people expected. Please either carpool, or consider using the parking lots at Agoura High School or the LVUSD District Office as “park and ride” locations to group together.

* Flat shoes. The ranch grounds are dirt and grass primarily, with gopher holes and the like. It’s truly important that everyone wear comfortable, flat shoes so as to avoid injuries.

* Parking. There’s absolutely no driving nor parking on the grass. Look for Boy Scouts and possibly other adults to direct you where to park.

* Bring a blanket. There is a limited amount of seating, but not enough for all expected. If you need to sit in a chair, come early. If you can instead handle sitting on the grass, consider bringing a blanket to sit on while on the grass to allow for those that need the chairs to have them.

* Casual clothing. It will be warm, if not hot (temp is increasing this week). Please wear comfortable clothing. Because there are no programs (to avoid trash), consider bringing something to fan yourself. Hats would be appropriate as well.

* No food, but bring water. There is absolutely no food allowed. This is a conservatory, and we need to avoid bringing even the smallest crumbs and such into the environment. It will be hot, however, so bring water.

* Smoke free, and no dogs. The ranch is smoke free (no exceptions). And, please do not bring dogs.

* Trash. It’s imperative that we do not abuse the hospitality of the ranch. Please make sure that no trash is left anywhere, and if you see trash (even if it’s not yours) please pick it up and dispose of off the ranch.

Your assistance in all of the above is greatly appreciated. Please look through all the above, and help make the service go smoothly.

The Moorman’s will NOT be receiving at their house after the service. There would be too many people to accommodate.

For more information about Alanna, and information about donations in lieu of flowers, see the web site at http://www.imageresources.net/memorial.html