This message was just released by LVUSD about the cancelation of the meeting scheduled for tomorrow night regarding the proposed cell antennae at Lindero Canyon Middle School.

Cancellation Of Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

The July 14th meeting of the Las Virgenes Board of Education has been canceled due to the tragic death of Alanna Moorman, daughter of Board President David Moorman. The Information and Action items that had been scheduled for the July 14th meeting will be rescheduled to a future meeting. The Board will conduct a brief meeting on Thursday, July 16th to take action on the Consent Calendar to ensure all financial and business items necessary for routine operation of the District are reviewed and approved so as not to delay payment to vendors or employees.

A separate meeting notice for the July 16th meeting will be issued per normal procedures.

Letter Regarding Tragedy

From: Donald M. Zimring, Ph.D.

It is with deep sadness that I must report to you that Alanna Moorman, daughter of School Board President Dave Moorman, was killed Saturday in a car accident in Italy. Teresa Amati, a noon duty supervisor at L.C.M.S. and a close friend of the Moormans was also killed in the accident. Alessandra
Amati, a 7th grade student at L.C.M.S. was seriously injured in the accident but is expected to recover. Mr. Moorman and his wife Kristy were not traveling with Alanna and were at home in Agoura when they were told of the tragedy.

Alanna had just completed 6th grade at A.E. Wright and was traveling with Mrs. Amati and Alessandra on a tour of Italy with Alessandra’s grandparents. Details are still sketchy, but initial reports indicate that the grandfather was driving and lost control of the vehicle which broke through a guard rail and plunged 30 feet over the side of the road. Alessandra’s grandmother was a third fatality in the accident.

Mr. & Mrs. Moorman along with their son, Ryan – a sophmore at AHS, are at home. I have been in contact with Mr. Moorman and have expressed our collective sorrow and grief over their loss. Please join me in keeping Dave, Kristy and Ryan in your prayers. I will communicate more information as it becomes available.

Donald M. Zimring, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Las Virgenes Unified School District