For those that take the bus to school, the City of Westlake Village has released a new bus schedule. The schedule is available on the city web site, or with the changes indicated at

In case you are curious why there are changes from one year to the next, it all comes down to balancing the number of riders. Each year, different numbers of kids take the different routes. In other words, as kids change from one grade to the next, they go to different schools at different times.

While the certain things, like buying the bus pass instead of individual rides, help the city with projecting, it all comes down to just working through the kinks in the first couple weeks of school.

In case you aren’t aware, the annual bus pass is a substantial savings over the $1 per ride cost ($198 for round trip pass vs. $360 in $1 per ride for the year). Contact City Hall at (818) 706-1613 for more information.