The straw poll on Sunrise is now closed and the analysis complete, and there was solid response. Tonight, we presented the results on public record at the City Council meeting.

The meeting was for the council to hear comments from the city staff, applicant (Sunrise), and residents, and then give direction to the city staff on what they would like to see moving forward. The staff would then prepare a resolution that would either be to approve or deny the application.

The end result of tonight’s meeting is that 4 of the 5 city council members (Mayor Klessig being the exception) were against the project, and as a result the council has instructed the staff to draft a resolution to deny the application which will be voted on at probably the next council meeting to formalize it.

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First, a bit about the straw poll.

The full breakdown of results is in the chart on the Westlake Revelations site. (It’s a chart and hard to do in email). See:

The two most relevant numbers are:

* 71.9% of City of Westlake Village residents do not want Sunrise approved

* 54.7% of all respondents do not want Sunrise approved

When compared to the makeup of the Westlake Revelations mailing list, there was a disproportionate number of people that voted from outside the Westlake Village area. (Westlake Revelations is primarily read by people in Westlake Village.)

The majority of those who voted, but were not previously on the Westlake Revelations list, were from outside the City of Westlake Village. There’s very strong support for Sunrise from those that responded from outside the City of Westlake Village.

As always, Westlake Revelations has done this straw poll of our own volition — it was not requested by the City Council, nor the City. But, we do hope you find straw polls of the residents in the area a useful data point when understanding what the community would like.

The Council’s Comments

In the end, the council decided against the project. The reasons against it primarily centered around that the council did not see enough benefit in the project to balance supporting the council.

The general sense of the council members was the project was well thought out, and that Sunrise made a significant effort. They also acknowledged the need for increased senior housing an overall general problem.

The planning dept and city attorney will draft the appropriate resolutions to deny the proposal. In all likelihood, the council will vote on that in two weeks.