• Your ID (school ID or driver’s license) and
  • If you must leave a car* at AHS overnight, one car key (with remote lock/unlock device if required).

NO CELL PHONES, money, purses, hats, wallets, backpacks, makeup, extra keys, etc. will be allowed, and items will be confiscated. Do not bring personal hygiene items; they will be provided at the venue. Disallowed items will be confiscated. (To help protect items left in cars, security will be patrolling the AHS student parking lot from 9PM to 6AM. The buses will arrive back at AHS at approximately 5:30AM.)

PLEASE WEAR closed toe shoes with socks, and comfortable clothes: jeans, T-shirts (no skirts, sandals, flip-flops). Layer and be prepared for outside activities. It will probably be cold — bring a sweatshirt or jacket.

Check in: Check in will begin at the Gym immediately after the Graduation ceremony is complete. Please change your clothes (in the bathrooms by the field) and leave all of your belongings with your parents. Head to the Gym and check in no later than 45 minutes after Graduation concludes.

Medication or Inhaler: If required as indicated on your Grad Nite permission slip, please bring it to check-in. Medications must be in the original container with dispensing instructions. You may also bring your contact lens case and eyeglasses. To update medication info on your permission slip, parent must be present.

Enforced Rules:

  • All students MUST check in at the AHS gym and take the AHS buses.
  • You will be searched before you board the buses, and there’s security throughout the event. Drug trained K-9s, security, LA Country Sheriff, and LAPD officers will be present throughout the event.
  • Once you have checked in, you may not leave.
  • All students are expected to behave according to their signed Grad Nite contract.
  • If you bring or show any signs of having used alcohol and/or drugs at any point before or during the event:
    • You will not go to the party.
    • You will be detained by the police.
    • You will not get a refund.
    • Your parents will be contacted to come and get you immediately.
  • Parents will be contacted if students who have purchased tickets do not show up to registration or if they check in but fail to board the AHS bus to the event.

DURING THE EVENT: If you have an EMERGENCY and need to contact someone at the party site, parents can call or text Alyssa at 818-429-6072, Andrea at 818-262-6349, Ilene at 805-279-0766, or Liberty at 818-431-0878.

GET A RIDE HOME FROM FAMILY OR CARPOOL: This is a long night and you will be tired when you finish. Please arrange for your parents or your friends’ parents to pick you up at AHS at 5:30 AM! It is important to us that everyone gets home safely. This is not an idle concern — driving when you’re sleepy can result in serious injuries, and it has actually happened at AHS in the recent past.

PHOTOS: A photographer will be capturing the joys of the evening. After the event, use the following link to view and/or download them: