If you’ve been wondering what the local candidates think about a topic, now is your chance. You can submit questions for the upcoming Westlake Revelations/League of Women Voters Debates.

Please submit your questions now, and no later than September 27th. Submit by sending Westlake Revelations an email, or by using the form at

About the Events

Do you live in the City of Westlake Village or the area served by Las Virgenes Unified School District? If so, we want to hear what questions you have for candidates … read on.

In just a couple of weeks, Westlake Revelations and the League of Women Voters are going to bring you two candidates’ forums:

Oct 3rd: Candidates for Board Members of Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education

Oct 7th: Candidates for Council Members of City of Westlake Village City Council

All candidates in both elections have confirmed they will take part.

The structure of the debates will be as follows:
* Candidates will be randomly ordered for statements, and on a rotating order for questions
* Each candidate will have an opening and a closing statement
* Westlake Revelations will gather questions/topics from the community as the basis for moderator questions
* Audience participants may be able ask questions, time permitting