On November 8, 2011, City of Westlake Village residents will be voting for two open seats on the Westlake Village City Council. The filing periods for candidates for these positions closed in August, and below are the candidates running for these positions, listed alphabetically. All the candidates have their web sites up, and their email addresses are available below as well.

On Monday, October 3rd, Westlake Revelations will be hosting a debate with all the candidates involved. See

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Candidate Information

Westlake Village City Council:

Ned Davis, Mayor (incumbent), CEO/Management Executive
Philippa Klessig, Councilmember (incumbent)
Chris Mann, Business Owner, Former Mayor

Full Candidate Statements

Candidates running for a position can file an official “Candidate Statement” as part of their application. In the case of Westlake Village, this is filed with the City of Westlake Village.

These Candidate Statements are included in the Official Sample Ballot booklet that the county distributes prior to the election. This information, however, becomes public information when the filing period closes for these positions.

Most candidates have submitted statements with the City or County, and below are those statements, or ones that the candidates provided to me directly. These are the candidates’ words … not those of Westlake Revelations.

Westlake Village City Council

Ned E. Davis, Age: 54
Mayor, CEO/Management Executive
Campaign Web Site:
Candidate email:

Committed to keeping the “village” in Westlake Village. Ned E Davis for City Council

Life in Westlake Village is special. Helen and I moved here in 1993 to raise our three young children because of the genuine people we met, the excellence of the public schools and the safety of a well-planned community. Westlake Village continues to shape its own future by planning for tomorrow. I am very proud to have served on the city council these past four years and as your Mayor this year. As a fiscal conservative (Pepperdine MBA 1998), I insist we have a balanced budget year after year with a savings reserve that protects city services from the ravages of a poor economy. In 2011, Westlake Village maintains a AAA credit rating and while other cities have faced cut-backs and delayed vital projects, Westlake Village through good planning and stewardship, moved forward on quality projects that enhance the long-term desirability of our neighborhoods and exceptional property values. As the pressures of urbanization rise to challenge our “village” way of life, I remain committed to preserving the look, feel and history of our “City In The Country”.

Philippa Klessig
Councilmember (incumbent)
Campaign Web Site:
Candidate email:

As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Westlake Village, I would be honored to again be your candidate of choice to keep our Village the special place it is. Working together, with vision and action, we have accomplished much to shape a remarkable friendly place to live, work and play.

I am proud of my 8-year leadership role where, even during this economic downturn, my fellow councilmembers & I have:

– Kept crime low
– Aided our schools, charities and homeowners associations
– Improved public safety with more sidewalks and bike paths
– Initiated programs to promote and recognize local businesses
– Upgraded city streets with durable recycled surfaces and efficient beautifully landscaped medians
– Added new play equipment to our parks
– Started construction on our new Community Park
– Increased social events for all to enjoy.

My focus on diversifying the income base, meeting pension obligations, growing our healthy financial reserve and keeping our budget balanced helps ensure unlimited potential for our city!

Twenty-two continuous years of service has not diminished my passion for or dedication to our lovely community. With your vote, I will continue to represent your interests and exceed the goals we set together.

Chris Mann, Age: 35
Westlake Village Business Owner, Former Mayor
Campaign Web Site:
Candidate email:

The Right Experience

As a Westlake Village City Councilman, Chris Mann:
– Fought against all attempts to raise taxes and fees.
– Pushed for increased community services and facilities, such as Foxfield Park.
– Protected open space areas, such as “Lot 79.”
– Helped create Westlake’s “Volunteers in Policing” program.

As Mayor, Chris Mann led Westlake to the largest budget reserves in its history, crime was reduced by 20%, and a new park was opened … all without raising taxes.

The Right Priorities

– Fiscal Responsibility – Chris is committed to maintaining a balanced budget, keeping spending in check, supporting local businesses, and not raising taxes or fees.
– Protecting Our Schools – Despite these difficult times, quality education must remain a priority.
– Enhancing Services – Chris believes in continually improving the services the City provides, such as developing a sports park, building a senior center/community center, and utilizing the latest technology to improve communications between City Hall and residents.

Chris Mann earned a reputation for bringing people together to get results for Westlake Village, which is why he is supported by so many of our local leaders, including a majority of the current City Council.

Please vote Chris Mann for Westlake Village City Council!

God Bless America!!!